Common Fort Worth Rehab Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Anthony Stevens // January 9, 2017

Completing a successful Fort Worth rehab project is so much more difficult than most investors imagine. You have to find the perfect mix of the right property and the right improvements while keeping an eye on your budget and the quality of the work being performed. When everything comes together and works, there is plenty […]

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Hidden Costs to Buy an Arlington Home

Posted by Anthony Stevens // January 2, 2017

When you prepare to buy an Arlington home, you are probably concerned with two major expenses: the down payment and the mortgage. You’ve saved for years for the down payment and made comparisons between your monthly mortgage payments and your current monthly rent payments. Once you have these two massive expenses down, you probably consider […]

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How to Jump Start Your Arlington Real Estate Investing

Posted by Anthony Stevens // December 26, 2016

There’s a reason why so many people chose to invest in Arlington real estate over stocks and bonds. With planning and effective management, a smart Arlington real estate investment can make more money over time, and it has a better appreciation value. Homes increase in value on average of 3.9 percent every year, which means […]

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What to Know When Buying a Fort Worth Foreclosed Home

Posted by Anthony Stevens // December 19, 2016

If you are looking for a low price tag on a home, you may have considered a Fort Worth foreclosed home. The lender assumes ownership of a property when the owner was unable to pay the mortgage or sell the home, and the lender sells it to recoup some of its costs. Even though the […]

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3 Signs of A Great Texas Investment

Posted by Anthony Stevens // December 12, 2016

The perfect Texas investment will carry a minimal amount of risk, provide a reliable income stream and will not require a huge investment of time and effort for upkeep. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect Texas investment opportunity but you can improve your chances of finding a great property by checking […]

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4 Must Haves for Your First Arlington Home

Posted by Anthony Stevens // December 5, 2016

When finding your perfect starter Arlington home, you have to know what you want and then adjust your expectations to meet the reality of the market. Your first home doesn’t have to be your “forever home,” just a house you won’t mind calling home for at least five to seven years. You want to buy […]

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Ways to Increase Your Fort Worth Open House Success

Posted by Anthony Stevens // November 28, 2016

Many real estate professionals have slacked on their Fort Worth open house attempts in the past several years, but they can still be one of your most powerful tools for marketing and selling homes, as well as generating high volumes of real estate leads. Still, you can have completely opposite results from Fort Worth open […]

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5 Fort Worth Real Estate Investments To Avoid

Posted by Anthony Stevens // November 21, 2016

In ideal conditions, a Fort Worth real estate investment property can turn an initial payment into a long-term revenue stream. On other hand, a poorly chosen property can quickly become a serious liability that jeopardizes your financial future. When it comes to choosing the type of Fort Worth property that you will invest in, a […]

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Get Ready to Sell Your Arlington Home in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Anthony Stevens // November 14, 2016

If the time has come to sell your Arlington home the whole process can seem overwhelming. Many homeowners do not work in the housing industry and don’t know where to start when it comes to selling their homes. Don’t let the process of preparing your Arlington home stress you out. These 5 easy steps will […]

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The 4 Areas Lenders Zone In On

Posted by Anthony Stevens // November 7, 2016

Lenders don’t go into a mortgage lightly—and neither should you! Remember, this is a legally binding contract that will be drawing on your finances for years to come. It’s understandable that your lender goes through the plan with a fine-tooth comb, and you would do well to follow suit. Here are 4 things that lenders […]

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